Alex Jacob is the top-Michaud

alex-jacob-michaud-trois“I will not lie, I aimed the starting job in my first year with the Vert & Or. I know it comes with many responsibilities, he must earn the respect of the guys on the ground and to ‘outside. I am willing to put the effort and even more, to reach my goal. “

Alex Jacob Michaud launched her first balloon as an official member of the team of the Vert & Or Sherbrooke University during spring break during the winter the team camp.

The former pivot of Black and Gold Valleyfield is in the short list of contenders to the throne vacated by King Jeremi Roch, who left after a more than fruitful period of five years as the offensive leader of the team.

Crowned with its past successes in Valleyfield, Jacob Michaud already surprised the coaching staff by the rigor and reliability of its preparation.

It is reported that he has already lined the walls of his flat graphics and passes traces of drawings from his book of offensive plays …

“Yes, I am a very visual guy, I like to think different game situations from different places on the field. I draw games and opportunities available to me, and what kind of defense I can face. This is my way to learn the game of the team system. ”

“I am very dedicated to football. If I say that I want to fight for the starting job is that I will work accordingly. I’m not here to be on the bench. ”

Pragmatic and cerebral, it is much like that aspires to replace the autumn 2016.

In 2015, the first year of the Black and Gold in Division 2 Jacob Michaud finished fourth among quarterbacks for the number of accumulated yards (1940 and 140 completions in 218 attempts), in addition to presenting excellent record of 15 touchdowns to only two interceptions.

Valleyfield finished this first escapade in Division 2 college football with a 8-1 record and second place in the regular season, before losing in the semifinals.

In 2014? Valleyfield won the Bol d’Or in Division 3. The regular season record of Jacob Michaud during his time in Valleyfield was 15-2. Just that.

“It was a winning experience, it has not been very defeat there, and that attitude comes with preparation. We had excellent coaches prepared us for any eventuality and develop a very good understanding of the game. It’s a little all that I bring with me, “said the young man.

Alex Jacob Michaud find more in Sherbrooke mentor in Jeremi Roch, who will now serve as quarterbacks coach with the Vert & Or.

“We’ve known for having rubbed shoulders with quarterback camps organized by Ron Aboud and I really look forward to working with him. Jeremi was an excellent “student of the game,” there is a “teacher of the game.”

Learning with Calvillo

This past week, Alex Jacob Michaud, Mathieu Loranger and Jean-Christophe Bourque-Saint-Hilaire, three pivots Vert & Or, participated in the second edition of the Leadership Academy of the former star quarterback Anthony Calvillo , to Montreal.

“I had attended the same camp last year, when he was booked to college quarters. There, we spent time with Calvillo to dissect the process of decision making, in addition to several similar exercises to those made by the Alouettes quarters. I enjoyed the experience, “he said.

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