Alice Louis Morissette

-decroche-roleFrom its 10 years, the young Alice Coaticookoise Madore landed a first television role in the drama series featuring Plan B Louis Morissette. This is a new production of the television channel TV +, in collaboration with Louis Morissette and her team of KOTV. Filming will begin on April 28 for the young actress.

We can also see the charming little face Alice on the website of the Agency Studios red carpet, including schools scattered throughout Quebec offer young talents like Alice to take private lessons in theater, cinema, dancing and singing, with the prospect of being represented by the agency. This allows these young stars in the making to have access to professional auditions, but especially to prepare well.

“I like to tell me stories and I was good at drama school. My parents therefore proposed me to acting classes, says Alice. I know I want to work in the arts and 10 years old, I already realize my great dream to be on TV! My next dream is to have other hearings. ”

I must say that the apple does not fall far from the tree since his parents have good stage experience. “It’s a dream come true for us, Dad says Sylvain. Vicky and I have always done theater and we are ready to follow through on his dream. ”

“I did the audition for fun, but I thought I would get the role because my mother taught me that we must be on top in life !, launches Alice confidently. But if I had not been, it would have been a great experience. ”

Two hearings four minutes

In fact, it took Alice two small auditions four minutes to convince her that she was the candidate sought among the thirty girls auditioning. Not bad for a first try! “It was when I even looks a bit like mom and dad, I have an air of family, and I do not look to have been adopted!” Cautions Alice, whose sense of humor seems as natural as its ability to conduct the interview at full speed.

According to Alice, we will have the pleasure of seeing four of six one-hour episodes. She will play the daughter of someone, without knowing exactly who. “My mother told me, who cares how many replicas. The important thing is you’re here. ”

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the good humor of Alice, since anime since last fall his own radio show broadcast on 96.7 FM CIGN every Sunday at 17 pm, after Radio Bingo. “It’s called The bell rang because school starts again the next day, said Alice. It is for everyone and I talk about school, weird facts or funny topics 10 tips against hiccups. I also have a chronic Gérard wants to know and I make special requests. ”

The history of Plan B

The day Philippe Girard (Louis Morissette) loses the love of his life Evelyn (Magalie Lépine Blondeau), he discovers an incredible company Plan B name that offers the opportunity to return to the past. After a first successful test, Philippe realized the immense power that gives him what he wants ploy also be used for the benefit of his law firm he owns with his partner, friend and brother Patrice (Émile Proulx-Cloutier ) and to return his brother Andrew (Fabien Cloutier) on the right path. But Philip realized that a new choice, however small it may be, has also uncontrollable unsuspected impact on his life and that of others. Nothing will be inconsequential.

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