Alleged homophobic attack in Saint-Tite

mathieu-gregoire-passe-nuit-vendrediA third attack took place in Saint-Tite Western Festival while. After a 22-year-old beaten and another 33 years which is still in a coma, a young man of 21 was hit in the face with a beer bottle last Friday. The victim denounced a homophobic act.

Mathieu Grégoire spent the night of Friday to Saturday at the hospital in Shawinigan. He has a swollen eye, bruises on the lips, around the face lesions and inside the cut cheeks. Simply open your mouth inflicts severe pain. But what makes the most suffer are homophobic insults he has heard.

Friday night, the streets of Saint-Tite, Mathieu was walking with her sister 18 years. Suddenly, two young men who followed her sister hissed. “I turned around and I said,” What’s your problem? ‘”Says the young man, reached by telephone. “I was drunk and I told one of the guys that he was really hot, in the sense that I thought he was handsome, but he thought I meant he was drunk,” if he recalls . The spirits were quickly warmed up. “My sister is interposed by saying it was a joke, I had drunk and that I was gay.”

One of the men then responded with an “Ark!” Heartfelt.

Mathieu and his sister finally went their way. Then he heard one of the guys shout: “Eille the fag!” Hardly had he had time to turn that he received a bottle blow in the face. According to his sister, he would have received at least five or six shots empty bottle of beer.

There is no doubt in his mind that this attack was homophobic. “The guy wanted to provoke me and he chose his words clearly before hitting me,” he says.

Minutes after the attack, Mathieu’s stepfather arrived at the scene. “I remember that I cried and begged him to change me straight, and my stepfather began to cry.”

Mathieu grew up in a family that has always accepted his homosexuality, but at school he was sometimes intimidated. “I am disgusting to me in high school, and even today, it breaks my heart to see that homosexuals commit suicide or are beaten, sometimes I have to hide who I am, and it should not exist in 2015” if he exclaims, rapid flow of his words betraying his emotions.

Mathieu’s parents contacted police the night of the assault. The family, who lives in Trois-Rivières, return to Saint-Tite on Monday to file a formal complaint. The assailant has not been identified.

This is the third attack to occur during the Festival Western de Saint-Tite. A 33 year old man suffered a fractured skull in an altercation and had to be operated. Another young man of 22 had fractured nose after being beaten. The Sûreté du Québec is investigating.

The direction of the Festival Western de Saint-Tite declined to comment Sunday event. The organization says it will issue an official communication Tuesday, said Genevieve Frappier, communications coordinator.

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