Alleged sexual assault: an ex-military Valcartier claims 3 million in Ottawa

agresse-debut-annees-2000-ex(Quebec) A retired Valcartier soldier who says he was sexually assaulted by fellow sues for $ 3 million against the Canadian government and denounces the code of silence surrounding sexual crimes in the Armed Forces .

In the early 2000s, Jeff (pseudonym), a young soldier must be trained with other soldiers from Valcartier.

After a very drunken night he returned to the dormitory he shared with five other soldiers. In his application filed in Superior Court, Jeff says he has no memory of what happens thereafter.

When he awoke, he found that his face exudes a scent of semen. The young man, who was at that time no sexual experience, decides to forget the incident.

Only a few weeks later a military colleague tells Jeff to have been made aware of the attack. According to this colleague, or military gave penis blows to the face and Jeff had masturbated him while he was unconscious.

“The fact that he could be the victim of such a despicable act was absolutely unbearable for the applicant because of the humiliation, anxiety and suffering that this idea engendered in him,” it said in the query.

Jeff managed to identify and confront one of the alleged perpetrators. The latter denies the assault.

Jeff tries to convince himself that he was not a victim of aggression, but a bad joke. The incident had obviously made the rounds of his group, because during the following two years, he will be mocked and harassment.

He will succeed still live in denial until he finds himself in Afghanistan. In a climate of high tension, another soldier suggested he did not forget what had happened to him, referring to the assault.

Shocked and disgusted, Jeff is unable to denounce the aggression and thus leave office and colleagues in a crucial period. It also fears losing his wife and sacrificing his military career.

“He chose to continue to work through the pain and distress he felt” alleges are we.

No charges

Struggling with suicidal thoughts, Jeff feels like a time bomb even if he receives praise for his work in mission.

He agreed to return to work a few years later, immersing himself in work.

While her career takes off and reaches positions of authority, Jeff still sees less how he may withdraw his attackers and continue to command men. He said he then lived in shame and fear of being exposed. Ten years after the alleged assault, Jeff is in a state of psychological distress as it can no longer function and should be placed in a work stoppage.

He will claim two years later serving Canadian Forces investigations. No charges will be filed against anyone at the end of the investigation.

Jeff accuses his employer to be primarily responsible for the sexual assault he suffered “by his inaction, his kindness and tolerance of this type of act within the forces.”

He added that the armed forces have established “a true law of silence on sexual crimes for all practical purposes protects the aggressors and the victims ostracized.”

The military claimed $ 3,000,000 for loss of career, loss of enjoyment of life and punitive damages.

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