Allergy to salmon: the server was “really upset”

Authorities have collected the version from the server events that have served salmon tartar with allergic customer in May in a restaurant in Sherbrooke and all the elements to reconstruct the events.

According to the report of the search carried out by the restaurant Sherbrooke Police Service The Tapageur, descriptive letters server and chef who worked evenings events of May 29 were seized. The detective SPS Investigations Division also received the DVD images of the restaurant as well as the invoice surveillance camera $ 74.11 emitted to the alleged victim in the events.

These elements will be analyzed by a prosecutor of the Department of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DCPP) that will determine whether appropriate or not to bring charges of criminal negligence in the case.

The reasons supporting the search warrant summarize the facts related exclusively to the Tribune by the alleged victim, Simon-Pierre Canuel.

The server advised allergy

“When my order for dinner, I advised the server that we were assigned to my severe food allergy to seafood as well as salmon. I pointed him to notify the chef to change the utensils and to my flat hand to avoid contamination. The server repeated aloud the order, but took no note, “the detective tells the SPS in the grounds in support of the search warrant from the statement of Simon-Pierre Canuel.

The alleged victim’s testimony indicates that he saw the server go to the computer and enter the command to go to a table “appeared to be with friends and take one or two shooters with them.”

Simon-Pierre Canuel demonstrates receiving the command from the server which would have mentioned “tartare” in a subdued atmosphere.

“When I swallowed it all, I said,” This is not beef tartare that. ” We immediately notified the server that was the tartare salmon tartare. The waiter apologized and took the plate to exchange it against a beef tartare. ”

Highly allergic, the man said to have remained five days in the hospital.

“The first time “

“This is the first time I have a problem at the restaurant for my allergies, says Simon-Pierre Canuel in the statement of the complainant. Usually, everything is respected. When there is any risk, the server informed me and I take no risk. ”

The declaration of the spouse of Mr. Canuel corroborate his version.

“About five minutes later, Mr. Canuel has reacted. He had difficulty breathing. He said his tongue and throat and stung his tongue swelled, “says his side the spouse of the alleged victim, who is resident in medicine.

“The server was really upset “Says a pulmonologist

The latter has supported her husband in the company of a pulmonologist present on site.

“I was sitting at the table with my spouse when the server came to us to ask if we had in our possession a Epipen, evidenced by the pulmonologist in his statement. So I approached me to give him first aid. I lying on the floor and I made him a maneuver that is called “jaw thrust”. It is a jaw thrust to enable a patent airway. In the ambulance arrived, the man had a pulse and was breathing with stridor (inspiratory noise reflecting obstruction of the upper airways). ”

The lung specialist testifies not have noticed anything unusual in the attitude of the server before the event.

“However, after the ambulance he was really upset. He repeated that he would not have known what to do without me. He was white and trembling, “reports the version of the witness reasonable grounds in support of the request for a search warrant conducted on 2 August.

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