Allo Prof: using science from Saguenay

attentif-premier-ministreDressed in a white lab coat, rubber gloves on his hands and goggles on the face, two fifth grade students of high school Charles-Gravel show the difference between an exothermic chemical reaction and an endothermic reaction. On camera, they mix the products and explain the phenomenon. This is the first video clip of the new assistance center Allo Prof homework specializing in science.

This is a first in Quebec. Effective from Monday night and located at Charles-Gravel school, the center will be reserved for questions relating to science and technology, be it physics, chemistry or meteorology. The center will respond to all students in the province.

“Over the past five years, we realized that over 50% of the questions posed youth were related to science,” said the CEO of Hello teacher Sandrine Faust.

According to her, asking for help with their homework in this regard, young people demonstrate the will to succeed their schooling and better understand the world around them. “So important concerns of young people is the judge we put in place a new structure that will allow us to answer their many questions,” says Faust.

The CEO believes that installing the new call center in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean also allows to continue a mission that the organization is given: to meet communities experiencing significant challenges schooling. Having dismounted in the region, Ms. Faust believes it will be easier to communicate with stakeholders of these environments.

“A first project is already underway in Mashteuiatsh,” she adds.

jobs created

The President of the Commission scolaire des Rives-du-Saguenay, Antonin Simard, believes that it is a rewarding project for the region since jobs will be created.

The center will employ eleven part-time teachers to meet the needs. According to Sandrine Faust is a way to allow these teachers to stay in the region by addressing their tasks, since the hours spent Allo Prof in addition to those passed to the school board.

“We wanted an effervescent middle-level science. the proximity of the partners is also an educational area and ideas bubbling, “says Faust, when asked about the reasons that pushed Hello teacher to settle in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

Significant funding

The Prime Minister and MP for Roberval, Philippe Couillard, was present at the announcement of Allo Prof. He used the press conference to announce assistance totaling $ 450,000 for the organization.

“There’s $ 200,000 that specifically go to the new center for science and $ 250,000 for all of Allo Prof network to help them answer questions from students in English as a second language,” said Mr. Couillard .

He believes that education is an important priority of the government and that this investment is proof.

Quebec is not the only financial partner Homework body. Rio Tinto Aluminium has also announced Monday using a $ 600,000 over three years via the Rio Tinto Aluminium Fund Canada.

“It meets a real need. Education is the foundation of a prosperous society, “concluded the head of the Primary Metal operations Étienne Jacques.

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