Alma: no quads on Chemin Saint-Louis

pourront-finalement-pasAlma will not allow traffic on the road quads St. Louis. sector residents were mostly opposed to the project which was the subject of a referendum. Of the 110 eligible voters, 48 ​​citizens were against the movement of such vehicles, while 36 voted in favor.

The project dates back to 2014, when the club Quad City had filed a formal request to Almatois elected. These are open to the idea, had agreed to allow the passage of these vehicles. But when adopting the regulation, a petition signed by 50 residents landed in the municipal council, thus curbing the enthusiasm of politicians. Two years later, the city decided to settle once and for all by holding a referendum.

“It was the best way to proceed. Because it was the social acceptability before going forward. therefore maintains the status quo, “confirmed Mayor Marc Asselin.

“It puts an end to all the requests that have been made in this direction in recent years. We tried several solutions, investments were made. But then it’s over. however we want to continue working with the club to find solutions to other projects, “says the counselor of the sector, Lucien Boily.

To justify the need for a referendum, the mayor of Alma pointed criticisms raised recently in Saint-Félicien. Elected officials have authorized the ATV riders passing through an area. What has not been the case of a group of citizens filed a petition demanding the removal of the trail.

“Barely veiled, the mayor (Gilles Potvin) said that the city had gone perhaps a little too quickly. We did not want it to live in Alma. That is why we held a referendum, “explains Mr. Asselin.

Alma city bus station

The city bus station Alma will undergo some renovation work in the spring. Elected officials have reserved $ 260,000 for maintenance of this infrastructure. The work will include improving the seal on the terrace in the depot. Water leaks are indeed visible in some places in the covered parking. Leak contaminated concrete, which can damage vehicles. The work will also aim elevator.

Lamarche: Council meeting canceled

The City Council meeting was canceled Lamarche Monday night quorum. He missed five aldermen elected at the table. One of them was on vacation outside the country, but the others would not presented due to the dispute between the advisor Jean-Luc Savinski. The latter, and the Mayor Gilbert Savard, were the only two elected officials present. “Indeed, some do not want to see Mr. Savinski. That’s what I heard. So I canceled the session and it will be postponed, “says Mayor Gilbert Savard.

Alderman Jean-Luc Savinsky, remember, was arrested last December for threats to a City Council colleague. He was scheduled to appear at the Alma courthouse, but prosecutors eventually decided not to lay charges after the police investigation. For three months, however, he was forbidden to participate in board meetings. Monday was his return to the table. By their absence, other advisers wanted to remind him that they were not happy with his back to the table of elected officials.

“I do not know how I can do to fix the situation. I have no power over advisers who do not want to work with Mr. Savinski. I will look on solutions this week, “added the mayor.

The boardroom had several citizens. Some have criticized the lack of elected officials, saying they lacked the courage to face the situation.

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