Always frisky even after 20 years

cowboys-fringants-leur(Sherbrooke) More than 20 years on stage have not slowed at all frisky Cowboys, who almost set fire to Granada Theatre Saturday at extra grip sellouts.

The show had just started with the first notes of Bye Bye Lou already, singer Karl Tremblay could tender his microphone to the crowd that was happy to sing the chorus of the latest hit group of Repentigny, which launched its ninth album, October, 2015.

Be a lost some might have thought a performance of Bon Jovi and U2 so people were overexcited.

Far from being a flash in the pan, the energy of the audience was matched as the group itself. To the delight of his audience, the Fringants chained their compositions at a breakneck pace over two hours, alternating between songs from their latest album, like Pizza Galaxy, Earthworms or dead leaves and those of previous, such as in Bern, Demonstration or 8 seconds. On the floor, no one was praying to dance or to float at the mercy of hands who wanted to carry them well.

Chemistry and closeness between the audience Fringants and continued throughout the evening, making the Sylvio-room Lacharité place a huge party where the mercury rose several degrees.

“Karl chest! “

At the point where we can consider that Tremblay was relieved in the second part of the show when the audience started chanting “Karl chest! “Instead of a special request. A wish that the voice of Cowboys was pleased to grant, not without mentioning that now “people complexed with their weight do not have to be, because you can succeed in life” and which prompted guitarist Jean-François Pauzé to imitate before starting the Merchant Navy.

Generous, the group also called on Brigitte scene (it greets!) When singing The shack in Hector, she attended the crutches show to celebrate her 18th birthday, “because you should appear wrong at 17 with a beer in hand! ”

“In going to be good at night in the shack to Hector / Opens the suitcase worse fate bottles of strong / Pis if your liver decided never to be sick / not Count on us to play other ‘nurse. ”

Needless to say, the party had gone back up again.

The frisky Cowboys will return to Granada on January 28, 2017. We suggest you to take early to purchase tickets.

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