Amazon: its Echo terminal would be enriched with a touch screen

8a334e626f3763889e1f8319edd47Amazon would work on a new high-end version of Echo. His device dedicated to the Alexa personal assistant would use a 7-inch touch screen to display and access information more easily.

An Echo terminal with a screen. This is what Amazon is working on to improve the first version of its terminal dedicated to its personal assistant Alexa.

According to Bloomberg, this new version will be equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen, easily tiltable to be seen and used both sitting and standing. The device should also incorporate a better sound system to enhance that of the current version, often criticized for its poor quality at high volume.

Weather, News and Appointments

The screen could display weather, news, or calendar appointments. A system to display his photos is also provided, replacing the classic use of photos pinned on his refrigerator. Echo terminals are often used in kitchens, but also in salons and sometimes rooms, according to Amazon.

Not yet available in France, but already in other European countries, Echo is a system functioning by speech recognition. It allows to ask Alexa to play music, find a restaurant or even obviously to place an order on Amazon.

Google and Apple on the rows

The device has met a rather unexpected success for a still new use. Consumer Intelligence Research estimates that Amazon has already sold 5 million copies in the United States alone.

The competition for this sector, which promises to be buoyant, is intensifying with the launch of Google Home, which offers an equivalent system thanks to Google Assistant. Several rumors also evoke Apple’s desire to launch into this market, part of the team dedicated to its Wi-Fi AirPort terminals would now be working on a similar system using obviously Siri.

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