American catholics are not so catholic

catholicAmerican catholics, that the pope Francis is to meet at the end of the month during a visit to the United States, are less traditional than announced after a survey from the Pew institute released on Wednesday.

Of course 90% of them consider that heterosexual married couples are capable of raising children than other parents.

But they are a very large majority (83%) consider that the heterosexual unmarried couples can raise children, of which 48% as well as the other parents.

They are also 66% consider that a homosexual couple can raise children, of which 43% as well as the other parents.

American catholics support in addition to other forms of life as a couple that the marriage, which, traditionally, are frown of their Church.

Some 86% of them consider it acceptable for a man and a woman live together without marriage, of which 55% consider that this way of life as well as others.

About 70% of them consider that heterosexual married couples choosing not to have children, have a way of life as acceptable as the other.

Positions harden among the 40% of american catholics who go to mass on a regular basis: they are only 34 percent feel that children raised by a homosexual couple is a way of life as acceptable as others.

In addition, less than half of american catholics consider homosexuality, cohabitation or contraception as a sin–, respectively, 44%, 33% and 17%.

The catholic Church should permit birth control, consider 76% of them. It should also recognize gay couples or lesbian, say 46% of them.

The pope might be difficult to convince his american peers on the need to combat climate change.

Less than a third (29%) consider that the fight against climate change is essential to their catholic identity, while they are 62% consider that helping the poor is essential to being catholic.

Some 41% of them believe that to buy luxury goods without giving to the poor is a sin, but only 23% of them believe that spending energy without consideration for the environment is a sin.

The survey was conducted between may 5 and June 7, from 5122 adults, of which 1016 say they are catholic, with a margin of error of 1.6 percentage points.

Pope Francis is expected from the 22 September in the United States, where it must, in particular, to participate in the Eighth world Meetings of families 27 in Philadelphia.

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