Amicable settlement in the class action at the airport in Saint-Hubert

representants-ecoles-pilotage-dits-satisfaitsAdding silent on aircraft, prohibition of certain maneuvers during an important part of the weekend: a settlement agreement intervened to end the class action against the noise from the airport of Saint-Hubert .

In 2011, the Committee Anti Pollution aircraft – Longueuil had filed a class action to denounce the noise from the Saint-Hubert Airport. The plaintiffs had especially against certain maneuvers performed by aircraft flying schools, known in the jargon “touch and go”. As the name suggests, it is to be a device to take off again immediately.

After four years of discussions, the parties have come to an agreement in July. It was finally approved by a judge last week.

As part of this agreement, the City of Longueuil has committed to set up a financial assistance program to help flight schools to equip their aircraft with silencers. At the time of this writing, however, the city did not quantify how much it would cost him.

In addition to the silent, restrictions will be placed on the use of three runways by aircraft flying schools. It will for example be forbidden to carry out maneuvers “touch and go” on one of them, the 24G for regulars. These maneuvers will be prohibited altogether on Saturdays from 15 hours, Sundays and public holidays.

In addition, an “Advisory Committee on the soundscape of the Saint-Hubert Airport” will be created. A representative of neighboring tracks sit within this group may call upon the expertise of the Public Health Department of the Montérégie.

Representatives of flying schools were satisfied with the measures provided in this agreement.

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