An anorexic former model testifies in France against the “diktat of thinness”

plus-maigrissais-plus-trouvais-grosseThree apples a day for one meal, fish or chicken once a week: Victory Dauxerre Mason sank into anorexia when she was a top model. It reflects his ordeal in a book published in France, which are now banned too thin models.

“We can not impose a sick body ideal of beauty is criminal”, judge the young woman of 23, five years after a meteoric career eight months, during which she marched in New York, Milan , Paris, for big names including Alexander McQueen, Celine, Miu Miu.

At the time, it had gone down to 47 kg for 1.78 m. Today, it welcomes the legislation passed in December submitting modeling activity at a medical certificate shall include consideration of the body mass index (BMI), even if it finds that the text has “ten years delay”.

Such a measure would have prevented her from working, “a doctor would have seen that I was super weak pulse, I was losing my hair, I had osteoporosis, I had only my rules. When we have the pasty, green limit, we see immediately that there is a problem. ”

It is 18 years since Victory Dauxerre Mason was spotted while she went shopping with her mother in Paris. Daughter of an engineer and an artist, she prepares her tray, dream of studying political science but was persuaded by the adventure of modeling and joined the Elite agency.

“Nobody told me you have to lose weight. But they said, in September, you make the Fashion Weeks, the size of the garment will be 32-34, you must enter it. It was at that time that I should have left, “laments this long auburn young woman with blue eyes, which now bears the 38.


She then starves to reach the required size, and lose ten kilos in two months during the summer, eating three apples a day and soft drinks, including bubble “stall”.

“The more I was losing weight, the more I was big,” says this “good student”, which recognizes that there is “probably a pathological terrain to anorexia.” “But seeing pictures throughout the day that confirm you that beauty is thinness, it only encourages that.”

In his book published Wednesday Never quite thin. Diary of a supermodel (Arena), she tells seeing behind the scenes of parades mannequins snacking in front of the cameras, before going to the toilet induce vomiting after the journalists left. Participating in photo shoots where only the photographers had to eat. Having fallen from starvation and exhaustion in the street in the middle of Fashion Week in New York.

“The girls who work today will probably say that I’m lying because if they want to continue, they can say anything: there is a real omerta in the middle,” denounces this determined young woman, who is now destined for the profession actress.

“The mannequins are nothing, they are just hangers. In the 1980s, top models were personalities. Today we must disappear behind the clothes, “she said. She “wants to fashion houses ‘:’ creators want only androgynous body, one does not celebrate the female body.”

“Karl Lagerfeld said that nobody wants to see large scroll. But between what one sees now and large, there still is room! “If she protested angrily against the” diktat of thinness. ”

When, at the end, she finally decided to stop modeling, “no one has understood.” She falls in bulimia, made a suicide attempt.

“Everyone told me ‘you have the dream life’ ‘but I have never been so unhappy,” says Mason Dauxerre Victory, which he had received since the announcement of his own book of testimonials and messages of support .

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