An employee suspended for his song anti-Harper

video-intitule-harperman(OTTAWA) the ministry of The Environment has suspended one of its staff members the time to conduct an investigation into a protest song that he has composed and posted on YouTube.

The federal scientific and folk singer Tony Turner stands in Harperman a list of irritants from the conservative government, of which the case Duffy, the muzzling of scientists, or the control of information.

“Harperman, it’s time for you to go” (Harperman, it is time for you to go), sings Mr. Turner in the chorus, accompanied by a quarantine of persons who are described at the beginning of the video as a “choir impromptu”.

The ministry of the Environment referred to reasons related to the protection of personal information in order to refuse to comment on the case. A spokesperson clarified, however, that “compliance with the requirements of the Code of values and ethics for the public sector is a condition of employment for all employees”. This code provides, among others, that the federal employees must conduct themselves in a manner that will preserve the impartiality of the public service and to avoid conflicts of interest.

The union defends Mr. Turner

The union that represents Mr. Turner has promised to defend and denounced the Department’s investigation. “We are certainly of the opinion that there has been no breach of the Code of values and ethics in this case, that Mr. Turner did not express his opinions in such a personal way in activities that do not undertake any of the responsibilities or his ability to do his work in a scientific manner in the public service,” said Isabelle Roy, general counsel for legal affairs of the professional Institute of the public service of Canada.

Mr. Turner is less than one month from the date of his retirement, was added Me Roy: “For him, the possibility that he may not finish the project on which he works, regarding migratory birds, is, in itself, is a form of penalty,” said the lawyer.

Registration is online since mid-June and the end of the day yesterday, about 60 000 people had viewed it.

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