An external consultant will survey fire Magog

-luc-pareWhy firemen Magog have they withdrawn their trust their boss, Luc Pare, in a vote held in early January? No clear and detailed answer has yet been provided. But the City of Magog to understand and it will hire a consultant to go search the firefighters.

According to information obtained by The Tribune, the hiring of the consultant will be made ​​in the short term. The candidate will be retained specifically mandated to discuss with firefighters to discover what they accuse Mr. Pare.

Leaders of the City of Magog had received the representatives of the Union of Firefighters of Magog ‘the vote of no confidence “firefighters. However, union representatives had then offered few details about the grievances of their colleagues.

“We did not warrant the facts, said the president of the Union of firemen Magog, Pierre-Luc Courchesne. There were legal aspects to consider. They would not give inaccurate information. ”

Mr. Courchene suggests that the Union of firemen Magog sees a good eye next hiring a consultant to research the issue. “We proposed them to meet the guys one by one. I think the way to do is the right choice, “he says.

The union president said that firefighters “are optimistic about the process that the City plans to engage. Everyone is anxious that the record is set once and for all. ”

In the past, Pierre-Luc Courchesne indicated that the vote of “no confidence” was directly related to Luc Paré demotion project to a captain position in the fire protection service. But he had refrained from providing details.

Mr. Pare had received support from a specialized resource for months before announcing his desire to become a captain in the municipality last fall. The resource in question had tried to help strengthen its ties with the captains of the service.

Recall that the director of the fire department of the City of Magog was also suspended from his duties for more than a month after the period of the holiday season. A survey conducted by an independent firm had determined that the allegations behind the suspension were unfounded.

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