An obstetrician CHUL before the College of Physicians

total-huit-chefs-accusation-ete(Quebec) Already pursued by a couple perinatal mourning for the death of a baby in utero, an obstetrician-the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec Université Laval will soon have to explain himself before the Disciplinary Board of the College of Physicians

After investigation, the trustee of the College of Physicians filed a complaint against the Disciplinary Board Dr. Line Blackburn, complaint should be heard in early 2016.

A total of eight charges were brought against the specialist CHUL: misconduct towards staff or other third parties, breach of free patient choice, act derogatory to the honor or dignity of the profession medical, omission, maneuver or inadvertent act or contrary to current medical science data entry of incorrect data in the medical record, lack of loyalty and integrity towards a colleague, failure to make his diagnosis with the greatest attention and Finally, failure to provide support and adequate monitoring.

It was not possible to know from the College of Physicians whether the alleged acts to Dr. Blackburn concern one or more events and they are linked to those discussed in the civil suit filed in April 2014 by a couple of Stoneham .

In this query, the couple particularly criticizes Dr. Blackburn, who was following pregnancy by failing to report the risk of complications, although they were enrolled in a report Procrea outpatient clinic. The report in question mentioned indeed risk stunting, pre-eclampsia and stillbirth, and suggested “special monitoring in the second quarter.”

No problems reported

After receiving the report, Dr. Blackburn would have referred the woman to Dr. Adrien Bastide (also pursued by the couple) for an ultrasound screening, but she could not report any relevant issue relating to her pregnancy, can we read in the query. Also according to the prosecution, Dr. Blackburn would subsequently assured the couple that the pregnancy was progressing normally, although at 38 weeks, pregnant women expressed the concern to her obstetrician for the results of a test fetal responsiveness showing two significant deceleration. The doctor would then briefly indicated to his patient that the state of her child was normal and would have made no further investigation with regard to her concerns.

Then, during a routine appointment, the woman reportedly told Dr. Blackburn not feel movement of the baby. The doctor would have measured at her high blood pressure, while placing a voltage below normal in the medical record. It was then recommended to the couple not to worry and take the time to have dinner before going to the CHUL for an ultrasound. The in utero death confirmed that night, April 21, 2011.

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