An octopus ‘ghost’ discovered in deep

pieuvre-ete-surnommee-casperA small translucent octopus, nicknamed Casper for his resemblance to the famous cartoon ghost was discovered by chance during an exploratory dive in deep geological off Hawaii, a record for this octopode Family, announced scientists.

“While the [ROV Deep Discoverer] ROV crossed a flat rocky area sprinkled with sediment 4290 meters [deep], he met a remarkable little octopode placed on a flat rock,” said Dr. Michael Vecchione, the an official of the US National oceanic and atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

“The appearance of this animal was different from all he had in the annals never published until now and this is the most profound observation ever made for this cephalopod species,” he added .

The animal was observed during a mission conducted northeast of Necker Island (Mokumanamana, Hawaiian archipelago) by the Okeanos Explorer ship, funded by federal money to travel around the world since 2008 and explore the geology and marine life.

It is characterized by a single row of suckers on each tentacle instead of two generally, and it is “particularly special because it does not have pigment cells, called chromatophores, typical of cephalopods, and does not seem very muscular” , sued NOAA.

“It gives it a ghostly appearance,” noted the agency, referring to the nickname given to Casper already on social media. “It’s almost certainly never identified species and that may not belong to a family known”.

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