Anabolic steroids trafficking: a decorated policeman risk removal

policier-spvm-charles-lavalleeDesigned in 2011 for meritorious act performed as a policeman SPVM, Charles Lavallée was arrested the following year, before his colleagues for anabolic steroid trafficking. What penalty should be imposed to this man of 37, who wants to return to his police job?

This is what Judge Jean-Pierre Boyer must now decide, after hearing the counsel for both parties yesterday in Montreal. Crown offers a fine of $ 2,500, while the defense asked for an absolute discharge.

Mr. Lavallée was accused of steroid trafficking and possession of hashish, pleaded guilty.

The April 24, 2012, as he prepared to work at yet another manifestation of spring maple with colleagues, Mr. Lavallée was arrested in the courtyard of the SPVM headquarters with another officer. He had discreetly put a bottle of 100 tablets of anabolic steroids to a colleague while he was filmed without his knowledge. A search of his home later led to the discovery of 1.16 grams of hashish in his nightstand. A large amount of steroids and syringes were found in his locker at the station, but it is not illegal products.

Without pay

Mr. Lavallée has been suspended without pay from his arrest. “He was punished not so, said his lawyer, Mr. Philip Schneider. It has already paid enough. He did nothing to harm others, give him a chance to continue his career. ”

Simple possession of steroids is not illegal, it is the traffic that is. Mr. Lavallée might benefit from a summary trial – either for a crime less serious – but the Crown chose to accuse him of a crime, as it is a police officer.

Leading by example

The Crown prosecutor Sylvain Petitclerc forbid that a police officer must set the example. “We need to tackle this insidious culture of police officers who stand between them and who think above the laws. He was a policeman, he must wait for the consequences. ”

Judge Boyer will make its decision on December 18.

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