Andre Arthur back to CHOI Radio X on August 17

andre-arthur(Quebec) “If a disaster does happen,” André Arthur will return to CHOI Radio X on August 17, confirmed the principal party to the CBC.

Several sources said the Sun in late June that the name of “King Arthur” was circulating in pharmacies CHOI Radio X to fill a time slot. His return is now imminent, by the admission of colorful facilitator.

The man of 71 years would be to finalize negotiations with RNC Media to make a return behind the microphone on 17 August. It would be only the legal details to be refined, he has explained to the CBC in an interview published this morning.

Arthur claims protection for his future employer in the event of lawsuits that would be filed against him. “I’m ready to make concessions, such as pre-record segments, and in return, I want a full legal protection. (…) I want the worst dirty dogs lawyers are available to CHOI-FM when going after me, “he snapped, still interview on Radio-Canada.

The former member for Portneuf from 2006 to 2011 appears determined to resume his usual bluntness. He says that Quebec radio has softened in recent years.

“The radio medium has completely effoiré Quebec before the thugs and lawyers. Especially in front of City Hall and in front of other very powerful people in Quebec. ”

CHOI Radio X has made many changes to its autumn programming. Dominic Maurais was moved to the morning time slot, while Richard Martineau will land in Montreal to control the emission of midday. Denis Gravel is transferred back to the afternoon, which means that the check from 9:30 to 11:30 would be available for André Arthur.

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