Angele Coutu in all his humanity

angele-coutu-passage-alma-finThe actress Angele Coutu was able to resume contact with the public through the character of Sister Marie-Gisèle in the last season of Unit 9. At 70, the artist takes every opportunity to deliver its commitment message, as during its conference Sunday afternoon at Mario Tremblay in Alma center.

It has learned that the guest of 50+ Show has already celebrated his birthday in a slum, she thinks about death every day and she keeps very beautiful memories of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

One that had not been seen on screen since 2011 has “received as a gift the chance to work again.” “In business, five years is like 25 years. I am happy to have a job that allows me to touch people and communicate with them. I was very surprised when I was called for this role, and I look forward to seeing what will happen to this religious! ”

Angèle Coutu was traveling the 300 members of the public with it in its humanitarian missions and poems sent to the public with as much emotion as if she were at the theater. During her lecture, she had to talk about the place of labor experience in nowadays society. She preferred to get the message in the texts she recited.

“You have to read between the lines, but I think people understood. We must not be daunted, it must be solidarity. If people became aware of the strength of the people, it would not hurt to effect the government, “she believes.

During his presentation sprinkled with anecdotes and beautiful thoughts, Angèle Coutu also sang a tune that she learned of a builder in the region. During the weekend, she resided with her cousin Alma and looked memories of a fishing trip with his two son in Lac-Saint-Jean, at their anniversary. The actress tells the story in great detail and remember the five cars that were waiting when he arrived by bus from Montreal. The family had even sent him the tickets by mail for her to stop “keep it simple”.

While an election is held in Chicoutimi, the lady has taken some rather interesting to conclude his lecture: “If elections changed anything, they would probably be banned.”

An edition “incredible”

The 27th edition of the Salon and FADOQ 50+ Games, held this weekend at Mario Tremblay in Alma Center, was “incredible” for the organization that was able to attract a younger clientele.

“Before, people 50 years and younger retirees dared not come, because they were saying that they are not old enough. But old age is relative. I know young people who are 25 years old in their hearts and those 85 years that are super dynamic and fit. It was really interesting exhibitors, we do not just talk about orthopedic implants! “Says the CEO of the free event, Patrice St-Pierre.

This is certain to have exceeded the record of 7000 visitors, thanks to the featured speakers, or the artist Angèle Coutu, the former Minister Marguerite Blais and Robert Piché. About 300 people attended each. “The traffic was pretty monster, assures the organizer. We made the right choices. ”

Mr. St-Pierre is also proud of the whole program, that focused on recreation, health and caregivers. The show of Marc Hervieux and that of the Tour of happiness also sold out.

It was also impressive to see the hundreds of participants compete for FADOQ Games, Mario Tremblay gathered at center for the pockets of the tournament, especially.

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