Another pedestrian hit on Panet

frappe-quelques-metresA pedestrian was hit by a pickup truck Tuesday morning on Panet Street in Jonquiere, a few meters from where Catherine Di Meo died in 2014. The young man suffered injuries to the face and a foot, but he was conscious in the ambulance arrived. The victim was found a little further than the pedestrian crossing, near Cégep de Jonquiere.

“At the arrival of the patrol, the man was on the ground, wounded in the face. There were witnesses at the scene, motorists stopped to help the victim. He was quickly taken over by paramedics and transported to a hospital, “said the spokesman of the Public Security Saguenay, Bruno Cormier, who had no details on the health status of the young man.

The truck that hit the pedestrian was equipped with a small scratch in the front. The driver would not have been able to avoid the pedestrian, according to testimony gathered by the police.

“The driver said he saw the young at the last minute. He did not have time to act, “reported Mr. Cormier.

Painful reminder

The event recalls the death of Catherine Di Meo who was also struck by a vehicle on Panet Street. Flowers and a photo of the young woman are also still hanging on the post announcing the pedestrian crossing.

“We know that this passage has been talk in the past, because there have been accidents and even death. There have been many efforts to improve safety. But we must continue to remind drivers and pedestrians to better share the road. It is important to stop and slow down near the cross, “insists Mr. Cormier, adding that an investigation to determine the circumstances of the accident is underway.

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