Another tile falls on Bella Desgagnes

bella-desgagnes-harrington-harbour(Baie-Comeau) The reliability problems continue to haunt Bella Desgagnés, which provides shipping services to the Middle and Lower North Shore. This time, the propulsion system is at issue, forcing the ship to $ 80 million to be absent for an indefinite period.

Inspections conducted Monday on the generators that power the motors of Bella Desgagnés, already affected by problems with mechanical reliability, led to the judgment of the ship. Instead of going to Port-Menier Monday night, the boat is rather returned to its home port of Rimouski, where he arrived Tuesday afternoon.

The good old Nordik Express, which had given way to supply vessel Bella Desgagnés, will resume the service in the coming days, said the operator of the two ships, the company Relais Nordik, a subsidiary of Groupe Desgagnés.

Unable Tuesday to join a spokesman in the direction of Relais Nordik, despite several calls. For the moment, therefore it is not known how long the Bella Desgagnés remain inactive and why the problems that affect it are so numerous.

Built in a shipyard in Croatia, Bella Desgagnés had trouble when he took office in spring 2013. The condensation near motors and son of problems related to the four generators were at the origin of his first service interruptions.

Beginning in January 2014, is the ice that stops the boat at the dock in Rimouski for more than a week, even more isolating villages of the Lower North Shore. Subsequently, various kinds of seed have ensured that Bella Desgagnés accumulated behind delay in his schedule, forcing it to reduce the duration of its stops, which angered residents and the regional tourism industry.

Last November, it is the strong winds at the dock Kegaska that damaged Bella, reduced to again take a break. The Nordik Express will therefore not the first one who falls would allow it to flow more peaceful days. Bigger and wider than its predecessor, the Bella Desgagnés can accommodate nearly 400 passengers and 125 containers.

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