Anti-cancer drugs: Quebec in “delay” on the other provinces

xofigo-medicament-contre-cancer-prostate(Québec) Although it welcomes the addition of Perjeta (breast) and Xofigo (prostate) to the list of cancer drugs in Quebec, the finger points the Coalition Priority Cancer “delay” that Quebec is in the process accumulate in the acceptance of new drugs.

“We often denounced the inequity between provinces in terms of drugs against cancer, because Quebecers often have access to breakthrough drugs less than other Canadians,” says Nathalie Rodrigue, President of the Coalition Priority Cancer. “It seems to me that when someone is ill and that he paid taxes all his life, he is entitled to expect the best treatment,” she argues.

Many cancer drugs are waiting lists on study of the National Institute for Excellence in Health and social services (INESSS). Since 2011, Ms. Rodrigue noted that several drugs are accepted for their pharmacological value, but refused a pharmacoeconomic basis. That is to say that they supported INESSS would cost too much to Quebec society for the benefits to a small number of patients.

For budgetary reasons, therefore, some drugs remain inaccessible. “In the cancer world, one often gets refused, because the molecules are more expensive and it affects fewer people,” suggests Ms. Rodrigue.

Canadian (about) received a breast cancer diagnosis in 2014
When a drug is not covered by the state, doctors can make requests for exceptions for certain patients. But as there is a lot of paperwork to fill out, these are not all hospitals that do. “In addition Interprovincial inequities, are still visible today interregional inequities. This is regretted. We do not ask the moon, just the same access for everyone! “Ms. Rodrigue launches.

Recognizing the already galloping drug costs in Quebec – those against cancer is no exception – Ms. Rodrigue proposes to make purchases in a group with other Canadian provinces, issue of lowering costs. It also wants the law 28 adopted under closure in the spring, allows the health minister Gaétan Barrette sit with pharmaceutical companies to negotiate a sharing of risk in the design of new drugs.

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