Application release Godasse Gagne: Angry prison guards

stephane-godasse-gagne-1997The correctional officers in Quebec are angry that we had not asked their opinion on the application of informer Stéphane Gagné can anticipate parole date.

Contacted this morning by La Presse, the union president, Mathieu Lavoie, swallowed his coffee through when he read newspaper articles which include the letters of judges, prosecutors and police officers that support the informer.

“This is far from unanimous. We were never asked our opinion and we ask that Godasse purge his entire sentence, “says Lavoie.

In 1997, during the war of bikers, Godasse Gagné killed prison guard Diane Lavigne. Subsequently, he wounded another correctional officer, Robert Corriveau, while an accomplice killed the guard Pierre Rondeau. Gagné was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment without possibility of parole for asking twenty-five years (2023).

He then became assistant witness and has contributed greatly to trap the warrior leader of the Hells Angels and sponsor of these murders, Maurice Boucher.

Since Monday, the informer is the subject of hearings before a jury in the Superior Court in Montreal for the right to be able to apply for parole before the end of his sentence.

“Are we went to see the collateral victims, family members of these agents, and is that they were asked their opinion?”

“Are we sought the advice of correctional officers who still hang it today?”

“Is it that if the victims were police or prosecutors, are we would have such evidence in its favor?” Asks Mathieu Lavoie.

“Although Godasse Gagné helped catch the leader of the pack, he still destabilized the system by killing the officers of justice. What message to send such evidence within the walls? It’s okay to attack a police officer? “Says the union leader fuming.

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