Ariane Fortin: Gold balance

premiers-jeux-olympiques-boxeuse-ariane(Quebec) After years of preparation, dreams and sacrifices, the big event is finally here for many athletes the territory. Since Friday, the Olympic flame shines on Rio de Janeiro. We invite you to discover one of these athletes today: boxer Ariane Fortin.

“Hiiii! It’s coming! “That’s what everybody says Ariane Fortin recent weeks. But after seven years of waiting, it was time for the boxer of Saint-Nicolas.

In his first Olympics, and his last, Fortin embraces the adventure of Rio in his arms. Without losing sight of its goal of a gold medal.

“Keeping the balance, it will be that, my challenge,” she confided, turning a Monday in July when it welcomed a new training partner at his headquarters in Montreal. The American Franchon Crews was bronze medalist at the recent World Championships in the 81 kg, a non-Olympic division.

“It is really huge. That’s why we chose it, “drop Fortin, who competes in the under 75 kg.

Returning to Rio, she knows that “the excitement of beginning will be difficult to manage. But I will not stop me from living it either, it’s a great energy, “says one who flew on 2 August. The draw takes place on 6, his first fight on the 14th.

She spoke with two former Olympians. The wife of his physical trainer is a former Polish sprinter who finished fifth in the relay 4 X 400 m of Athens, in 2004, Monika Bejnar. Jean-François Bergeron is a heavyweight of St. Jerome who boxed in Atlanta in 1996.

“She told me to treat it like any competition. She had arrived a few days before, was still in his bubble and realized just seeing his video on how race there were people in the stadium. ”

“JF became knocker in the first minute of his first fight. He said today that having succeeded, he would be less pressure, would have benefited most of the Games and, ultimately, would probably have fought better. “

Fortin tries to rally the two visions, and see no contradiction. Again, balance. Never forgetting the painful disappointment to miss London, there are four.

“Many people know what I went through to get there. I put more tears and more drops of sweat. Just being there is already good. It’s so hard just to qualify! But then I have my very clear performance objectives, “she tranche.

Strategy to three

To get there, the native of the South Shore of Quebec uses two coaches: Mike Moffa and Danielle Bouchard. Both will be in Rio, the strategy will develop three. But only Bouchard of the national team, will take place in the corner of Fortin.

The duo served as appetizers in pricked of not training partners worms. Starting with Angelo Adamson, the Empire Club of Quebec, and the Canadian junior champion Armand Miclescu, both to replicate the great European style right-handed.

Also David Theroux, the young sensation Sorel. Then the beefy Crews. With a small tray to 12 competitors per weight category in the Olympics, it becomes essential to prepare a game plan for each potential rival.

In reaching Claressa Shields. The American was Olympic champion in 2012, double holder of the world title of the category and Pan American champion. Fortin has never beaten.

“I have trained a lot for boxer against it in the last year, for Panams and Olympic Games qualification, and I’m glad my last fight against it, even though I lost. Not that it has been solved, but I know how I have to boxing against her. It is clear in my head. ”

She continues: “Yes, I took time for her, but I must not underestimate the other. not good for, games, there is none. And they all have different styles. It would really be a mistake just to concentrate on Claressa, but it will have its turn as the others, “promises Fortin. The balance again and again.

12 questions Ariane Fortin
1. When you think about the Olympics, what memory comes into your head?

I do not remember what games, but there was an Indian, in the long jump, which had not been able to include results of the table. He had three beautiful X! It had me almost hurts. This is the result of so much effort to be there and not be able to perform up to what you are capable of, I found it really sad.

2. An active Olympian from another discipline that impresses you?

Easy to say Andre De Grasse, in athletics, there are plenty! Kimberley (Hyacinthe) does well in sprint. In general, I have always followed the athletics, it is something that fascinates me. I always enjoyed watching the competitions in general. I watched a lot of skating. Tennis, too. Raonic, the “torch”!

3. Growing up, did you dream of another sport than yours?

I made several other sports before, but recreational soccer, volleyball, swimming. Competitively, I would dream of playing tennis. I’m rotten because I never learned to play, but I love watching tennis.

4. What is your Olympic hero?

I really watched Serena Williams. The fact of seeing vulnerable at Roland Garros, realize that even if it is strong, it has the right to be vulnerable. I learned that one can be Superwoman and have his bad days. [Williams Olympic champion in singles and doubles title.]

5. It gives you the choice: fortune or Olympic glory?

With money, you can have so many projects … This is not a good question!

6. TV Series or movies, which ones?

Friends, this is my classic.

7. A reading that with you?

In Search of Excellence: winning in sport and in life through mental training Terry Orlick. But I did not read it before bed because it cranked me too! So I read it piecemeal.

8. Do you listen to any music now?

Robin Schulz. It’s a little techno. I never really Tripé on this style, but I like that these days.

9. A person who impresses you, inspires you?

Serena Williams. But I do not like being groupie. I like to take each traits. When I started training seriously in Montreal, I was training with Lucian Bute, Adrian Diaconu and Jo Jo Dan, and these guys have shown me the work ethic. Without worship them, I will always have great respect for them. They have guided the rest of my career.

10. Favourite holiday destination?

Costa Rica. Going back in November, it will be the second time. My Olympic reward!

11. You’re not an athlete, what do you do in life?

Trips. Full of travel!

12. A treat that you allow yourself any time?

Sushi. Good sushi, I’m complicated.

Visit card
Name: Ariane Fortin
Sport: boxing, less than 75 kg
Age: 31 years
Best results: 1st in the world in 2006 and 2008 Championships (70 kg), 2nd in the 2014 Commonwealth Games, 3rd at the 2015 Pan American Games (75 kg)
Competition dates: August 14: Dariga against the Kazakh Shakimova (23rd); 17, 19 and 21 August: quarters, semis and final

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