Arrested after an assault with rocks

1168256A man was wounded in the face after an assault with fists, with rocks and even with a car!

The violent incident occurred Sunday around 18pm. A man took refuge in a house on the street Monseigneur- Vel in Magog, near the Deauville area. He demanded they call the police.

The man was followed by another vehicle. Once on the street Monseigneur-Vel, the driver rammed the rear voluntarily, says Paul Tear, spokesman of the Memphremagog Police Authority (RPM).

“The complainant is ranked the curb and the suspect was dark again in the driver’s door. Then the suspect got out of his car, opened the door of the victim to pummel the punches, “he said.

“He then took a large rock and allegedly thrown through the rear window. A second rock, which was intended for the victim, smashed the driver’s side window. ”

The victim was able to find refuge in a house in the area, while the suspect was fleeing, says Tear.

The fugitive was arrested by officers from the Police Service of Sherbrooke. He was subsequently handed over to investigators RPM.

The man, 29, of Sherbrooke, faces charges of dangerous driving with material accident, hit and run, assault, uttering threats, mischief vehicle and assault causing lesions.

“The victim was transported to the Magog hospital and then transferred to the CHUS to treat facial injuries,” notes Paul Tear.

“The origin of this attack could be a love triangle. ”

Without permission

Also Friday, a lady of Magog called 9-1-1 when a man entered her home without permission. This man had a forbidden contact with it. The suspect 34 years of Magog surrendered himself shortly after the police station says Tear.

It should be accused of breach of probation and break and enter.

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