Arrested by UPAC: a former director of a trial to city fire department

bernard-beaudet(Victoriaville) is expected to hold a trial about a week to determine the involvement of the former head of the Fire Department of Warwick, Bernard Beaudet, in a history of fraud that rocked the municipality during recent years.

Recall that Mr. Beaudet was gathered by investigators of the Unité permanente anticorruption (UPAC) in April 2014. After being interrogated, he was formally accused of defrauding the City of Warwick and its Service sums exceeding $ 5,000.

It also faces the heads of breach of trust as well as manufacture and use of false documents.

The parties have agreed to meet in Victoriaville courthouse, May 20, to set a date for a conference that will be used to prepare for trial.

“Given the length of this trial, we must go through this step,” says lawyer Beaudet, Denis Lavigne.

This is the mayor of Warwick, Diego Scalzo, that we owe this police intervention, the only UPAC in the Bois-Francs region to date. The latter was informed of irregular conduct on the part of its director 18 December 2013. He immediately contacted Captain Luc Marineau job SQ Arthabaska.

Bernard Beaudet was immediately relieved of his duties. The City Council chose Mathieu Grenier to replace him during the past year.

When asked about their workplace, fire preferring to preserve anonymity said they were shocked to learn the arrest of their boss. They said they had been informed of the situation during the day Monday, but were forced to silence.

They were not, however, aware of the nature of the acts. Bernard Beaudet would actually be the only individual involved in this case.

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