Artists from here to give life to the Dome

premier-spectacleJazz and blues are alive to the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. Several musicians came to prove Tuesday night on the Dome Bell of the scene. For the second consecutive year, the plant that looks like an igloo was built at the corner of Racine and Bégin streets. A true gateway to the Jazz and Blues Festival Saguenay.

Tuesday night, opening the site was entrusted to local artists, as part of an evening 10th Anniversary of the Council of Saguenay arts. The organization intends to be present through various events in the territory over the next two years. The opening of the Dome launched this series of activities.

The musical evening began with the delivery of Damn Orchestra. For a little less than an hour, the training consisted of Jean-Sebastien Gauthier ( “lap steel” guitar), Pascal Beaulieu (guitar and vocals), Ovid Conde (mandolin and vocals), Antoine Simard (bass) and Pierre-David Girard (snare “snare”) drew audiences in the old years with his western swing music.

The light is dim, the heat is installed, over time, the Dome was filled to receive significant crowd, just in time for the Rick & Slim Blues Band.

Bringing Eric Dallaire (guitar and vocals) and Yves “Slim” Sergerie (harmonica and vocals), accompanied by Antoine Simard (bass) and Pascal Beaulieu (drums), training presented a “special blues band” very effective.

Yves “slim” Sergerie offered a physical benefit to the harmonica.

In the second part of the show, three singers have joined the group, offering a particularly strong at the pleasure of the public. Eve Dallaire offered some pieces, including At Last, for his clear and powerful voice.

The Daily had to leave the Dome before the end of the evening. But will be many opportunities to recover. Many shows will be presented in the Bell Dome and offered free throughout the festival. They represent so many opportunities to enjoy music, or to become familiar with jazz and blues.

Terez Montcalm at Inter

There are few opportunities to hear jazz in French. A few dozen people had the opportunity to eat at a large French songs by Terez Montcalm Tuesday night.

The artist was on stage Handsome Inter restaurant Chicoutimi in the Jazz and Blues Festival Saguenay, to present his album, When we love, a jazz record, in French.

“It was I who brought the beautiful time,” she giggled as she settled down to play.

One that wins success in France was accompanied by her friend, the pianist Lorraine Desmarais. A wise choice that allowed to highlight the voice of one while enjoying the piano mastery of the other. Lorraine Desmarais was also in service twice last night, she also climbed on stage at the Théâtre National Bank in the piano duo-piano duel Chameleons.

Terez Montclam began the show with When one loves, title track of his album released last spring.

All it took was a few notes to understand that the artist retains its own identity, no matter what she sings. English, French, Terez Montcalm Terez Montcalm remains. She manages to appropriate the parts, making forget for a moment their origin.

It was 18 pm. The audience was attentive, but the music mingled with the smell of food.

“It’s the pizza smell that devolved me,” commented the artist after a small scratch at the beginning of the play. “This is the first time I sang when everyone eats. It bothers me a little. I feel to bother you, “she said before being told by the public that it was far from disturbing him.

Those familiar with the disc have been entitled to benefits without major surprises. Terez Montcalm presented parts When we love in the order they appear on the album.

Black Trombone, Love is like a day, Blossom, Time stops (original play she wrote the text to the music of Jean-Marie Ecay), Doctor and The Good Life were presented in the order before a break.

The Daily had to leave the room before the end of the show. Seven pieces that appear on the album remained to offer.

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