“As a university campus,” wrote Magnotta in prison

luka-rocco-magnottaLuka Magnotta delights in prison, in a daily practice of sunbathing, physical training and parties, according to letters he wrote from his hand and which have been revealed by the National Post.

These letters also tell the sustained and ambiguous relationships with many admirers.

“Our doors [cells] are open 90% of the time, so I feel like I was on a college campus,” recounted the murderer to a correspondent. “I just bought a Celine Dion album and many others. I have a portable stereo for when I’m getting a tan on the outside. ”

Magnotta allegedly wrote these lines while incarcerated in the medium security prison Archambault at Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines. It would have been transferred to the Institution of Port-Cartier, according to the Post.

“The food here is really, really good and the portions are generous. The Italian dishes are the best. I love ice cream, “wrote the detainee about Archambault. It also refers to “parties” pizza party “” with friends.

But the murderer also benefits food sent by admirers outside the walls of the penitentiary: “all received these chocolates for Valentine ruin my diet. Lol. These idiots had said they would send me the Ferrero Rocher and they have not done. ”

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