Assad accuses France of “supporting terrorism”

bachar-al-assadSyrian President Bashar al-Assad has accused France of “supporting terrorism” and spoke Prague as a place where a peace agreement could be signed one day saw the “balanced position” of the Czech Republic, in comments broadcast Monday by tcèque the public television.

In an interview which all must be released Tuesday morning, Syrian President answered the question of a Czech journalist on the possibility of a peace agreement signed in Prague, as suggested in September in New York the President Czech Milos Zeman.

“Of course, if you ask the Syrians, they will tell you they do not want such peace conference in France, because France supports terrorism and war, not peace. And as you mention Prague, it would be generally accepted, because of the balanced position of your country, “said the head of the Syrian state, the antenna of the CT.

“It seems that the conflicting parties want (the agreement) will be signed in Prague,” had said in September Zeman Czech President, told reporters in New York on the occasion of his visit to the UN.

“They even begin to call it” Prague Declaration “,” Zeman was then added, after his meeting with the Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid Muallem.

Ultimate antenna Western diplomacy in Syria, became the Czech Embassy diplomatic sources as a hub for confidential communication between the EU and Washington on the one hand, and the Damascus regime on the other, in the quest Peace torn country for four years by a bloody conflict.

“We have a good relationship, although sometimes complicated with all stakeholders” of the Syrian conflict, recently told AFP Hynek Kmonicek, responsible for foreign affairs to President Zeman.

However, he ruled out any negotiations with the jihadist organization Islamic state.

According to Mr. Kmonicek, Syria wants such an agreement is signed in a neutral place. However, he said that Prague “would be the host of the event that would take place naturally under the auspices of the United Nations.”

The preparation of such an agreement, however, would take “months or even years,” he added.

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