Assault Laval: two brothers arrested

police167Two brothers were arrested Thursday night by the Laval Police Service for a violent assault in the street in a residential area of ​​Laval Wednesday. On social networks, the youngest of the brothers had made comments threatening to place a man on the eve of the assault.

Michael Brideau-Trudel, 18, and Carl Brousseau-Trudel, 21, face charges of aggravated assault and possession of weapon for dangerous purpose.

Wednesday night, they would have attacked a man in front of witnesses that they knew at the intersection of Boulevard Lévesque and rue de Limoges in Laval. Laval police had then treated the attack as attempted murder. The victim, a 32 year old man, sustained serious injuries inflicted by a knife and a blunt object, but we no longer fear for his life.

The suspects did not resist when arrested, near the scene of the incident, said Lieutenant Sylvain Laurent, Laval police. The brothers lived in the same neighborhood as the victim.

Facebook wrote in a message on the eve of the attack, Michael Brideau-Trudel had kept worrying about, “Whoever finds me charles hudsmith has chomedey boisbriand or duvernay will have a recompense to steal my fila whore JVX so my cash. Asshole round my land and find you quickly especially your #fuckthisstupidmotherfucker in my city. ” It is not known the identity of the victim of aggression.

In previous weeks, Michael Brideau-Trudel has also written several messages that appear to threaten someone covertly, for example: “You vien tacheter of a dance with the devil son of a bitch.”

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