ASSE considering a general strike

studentsThe management of the ASSE provides a general strike to its members in the event of a walkout in the public service, according to an internal document distributed earlier this week

The executive board of the organization are also puts forward an increase in student fees by 50%.

“What is suggested student associations to trigger a general strike if 10,000 workers and 25,000 were students with a similar mandate,” it said in the draft “Congress booklet” distributed to a meeting on 24 and 25 October. It also indicates that this proposal lashing a possible strike of civil servants has been “filed by the executive board” at the end of September.

The document was sent to member associations ASSE late Monday afternoon. It is dated the same day.

An avenue”

In an interview with La Presse, the spokesman of the association called the idea of “proposal circulating informally” among others. “These are avenues,” added Hind Fazazi. “There are lots of plans that are discussed […] I urge you not to put this proposal there on a pedestal.”

This is the only section in the preparatory document.

Ms. Fazazi openly defends against another proposal included in the same document: The Executive Board wants to increase from $ 3 to $ 4.50 the annual contribution of each student member of a local association that is part of the ASSE.

“We must provide the means of our ambitions, said the spokesman in a telephone interview. The struggle is proposed to conduct more strenuous, longer, demand more resources and mobilization. It must be that we can physically do it, so I think it’s an informed choice. ”

According to her, the number of members has “exploded” since spring 2012 to reach 80,000 students spread across the province, resulting in a significant increase in transportation costs for the organization’s activities.

Ms. Fazazi also stated that ASSE was involved in several legal proceedings in connection with “political arrests”, which has attracted even more financial resources.

She denied, however, that the organization is in financial difficulties, such as La Presse wrote two weeks ago. The message of the treasurer student associations, in which he said that “at the current rate, [their] accounts will be empty within a month and a half,” was simply to remember their financial obligations to local associations, has she said.

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