ASSE is preparing for a hot autumn

pour-automne-asse-souhaite-poser(Quebec) The Association for Student Union Solidarity (ASSE) is preparing for a hot autumn, when it will hold a large rally in education on 26 and 27 September in the metropolis. The goal is to lay the foundations of cooperation between the various unions and student associations and “collectively reflect on the action plan and the claims put forward to counter divestment and reforms in the field of education” , according to the document made ​​public union Rally in education Tuesday.

“We, our campaign this year, it is a campaign of support and mobilization of the public sector […]. It is in contact with the unions, and closely follows the development of their negotiations with the government, “says in an interview with Sun Secretary to coordinate ASSE, Hind Fazazi, adding that several members of student associations Solidarity mandates with teachers unions of their campus.

According to Ms. Fazazi, ASSE will be able to adopt more precise positions on shares and upcoming events at its congress in September, on 19 and 20 September.

“For the moment, no formal alliance [with unions], we try to make a united front in education against the austerity measures for a just and renewal of collective agreements in the field of education . The education union rally to be held on September 26 and 27 will aim to coalesce more widely for autumn is coming, “says the spokesman of the ASSE.

The organization, which has a new team since late April, had worked hard all summer to prepare for the fall, according to Ms. Fazazi. When asked what distinguishes the new “custody” of the former, the spokesman ASSE explains that “our approach is to be more horizontal, more responsive to the local members and our various committees which support us and make what we do more transparent than what was done before. ”

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