ASSE short of funds

hind-fazazi-porte-parole-asseThe Association for Student Union Solidarity (ASSE), the largest claimant of national student associations, money sorely lacking on the eve of a tumultuous fall thereunder, according to an internal communication obtained by La Presse.

The finances of the organization will be dry in a few weeks, according to its treasurer.

In an email sent to the member associations, Louis-Philippe Véronneau, finance secretary, claims to have “a problem”. “At the current rate, our accounts will be empty within a month and a half,” said he wrote Tuesday morning in this email.

The reason? A significant delay in the transfer of members of local associations grouping contributions to the State: “Right now, associations owe more than $ 100,000 in overdue contributions to the ASSE. This amount does not include contributions fall [2015] contributions that few associations have paid to date “.

College and university associations that are part of the ASSE pay him $ 3 per school year for each student they count.

“If you owe us money, now would be [sic] a good time to pay us back,” the message from Mr. Véronneau. “To finance our struggles, we decided to put some money together through compulsory contributions,” says he also. This reminder “aims to make you feel guilty,” the treasurer wrote to members of the ASSE.

Asked to comment on the situation, a “press officer acting” – who answered the phone number for the media while refusing to be identified – defended the ASSE. The young man initially denied the financial problems of the organization, arguing that the information was “not true at first sight” and that “nothing indicates that the finances of the ASSE go wrong.” Subsequently, the situation he called “internal problem to the association” that the “clean and concerns should be resolved quickly.” “The ASSE is doing very well,” he added.

The press officer added that the file would be transmitted to a spokesman. When put online, it had not reminded La Presse.

These financial problems arise at the dawn of an autumn in which ASSE hopes to participate in the emergence of a noisy movement against austerity policies of the government of Philippe Couillard.

Media tour

There are two weeks, the spokesman Hind Fazazi conducted a media tour to Quebec to guard. “There is a growing discontent wide and visible against the austerity measures of the government Couillard,” she has said. “No means are excluded for us to counter the disastrous consequences of austerity in our lives, in our daily lives and more specifically in the field of education, in colleges and universities in Quebec.”

Ms. Fazazi had added that “in the coming weeks,” different student associations would decide on the possibility of a strike. This would be a resumption of the movement last spring, which had ended on a promise to step back in the process of contestation with the public sector unions in the autumn.

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