Assisted Human Reproduction: Barrette abandons controversial tags


(Quebec) Women over 42 years will finally have access to assisted reproduction services under certain conditions. And Quebec does not require couples three years sex before resorting to IVF.

The health minister Gaétan Barrette has announced on Tuesday that it gives up some measures provided for in Bill 20 and criticized by several groups.

“There is no recoil I fit the bill to the comments that were made by experts, he called a press conference. If every time we listen to and act on constructive criticism that comes from the experts, this is a setback, though, look, there, one back, here! So I went back to the Assembly! All right, backwards together! ”

Bill 20 addresses both access to doctors and assisted reproduction services. They will not be free and will be marked more tightly.

By cons, tags are eventually amended or even abolished. “We bring amendments that will make it possible for women to be over 42 years to have access to assisted reproduction on the basis of an assessment that will be subject to criteria established by the College of Physicians Quebec. “These criteria should be defined by the College within 30 days of the adoption of the law. These women, however, not be entitled to the tax credit to be instituted government.

Homosexual couples as heterosexual ultimately will not be subject to a psychosocial evaluation systematically. It will be left to the physician’s judgment.

Gaétan Barrette abolishes the three-year rule from sex before having access to assisted reproduction. This measure was “perfectly justified” he said, “but generated a lot of surprises and comments.” He renounces the name of “social acceptance” and because of its complexity. “I remember that this rule exists in other countries, there is a foundation, but, given the difficulty of course to have an application value to that rule, we simply chose to remove” he has said.

It also amended the bill to the College of Physicians establish “the conditions and circumstances under which pre-implantation diagnosis will be allowed.” “It’s a theme that may raise a number of issues because it can lead to certain genetic selections for example,” said the Minister.

Finally, the director of a fertility clinic must necessarily “be a licensee of a specialty in gynecological reproductive endocrinology and infertility obviously to ensure customers a guarantee of security and competence.”

In total, Gaétan Barrette brings 72 amendments to Bill 20 which 18 are “significant” and according to him mostly affect AHR. Remember that it will adopt Bill 20 despite the agreement with the Federation of General Practitioners. Quota patients and penalties will be applied if, at 31 December 2017, the doctors do not respect the commitments under the agreement: to ensure that 85% of Quebecers are registered with a family doctor and achieve an attendance rate of 80%.

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