Assisted Human Reproduction: Barrette accused the PQ to the smear

ministre-sante-services-sociaux-gaetan(Quebec) The Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, on Friday accused the PQ opponent from doing the smear arguing that changes the assisted reproduction programs to promote a company owned by the Desmarais family, close to the Liberals.

Mr. Barrette said he did not know until recently that there Integra Med, a company of the AHR sector belonging to a subsidiary of Power Corporation conglomerate, led by members of the Desmarais family.

During a press briefing that preceded the Parti Québécois MP Diane Lamarre suggested that the links between the Liberal Party of Quebec and the Desmarais family could explain the tightening in access to in vitro fertilization program.

Ms. Lamarre questioned the true independence of the Minister in this matter, which was ardently defended a few years ago by the host Julie Snyder, wife of PQ leader Pierre Karl Péladeau.

Ms. Lamarre said the minister went too far in reducing access to reimbursement by the state of assisted reproduction services, allowing the private sector to take up more space to provide these services.

A few minutes later, before resuming consideration of Bill 20 eliminates free of assisted reproduction programs, Mr. Barrette rejected the reconciliation Ms. Lamarre between the PLQ and the Desmarais family.

“There, of course, Ms. Lamarre decides to embark on a process of insinuations which are nothing else than the mudslinging,” said he said.

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