At the heart of the storm “Gilmore Girls”

yanic-truesdaleRave reviews, magazine covers, fans clamor delirious … The extraordinary excitement surrounding the release of new episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix that night took Yanic Truesdale by surprise. “It’s surreal to see how the series went big!” Says Quebec actor in an interview with Journal .

Nine years after his farewell to the character of Michel Gerard, Yanic Truesdale found the clothes of grumpy but endearing butler Dragonfly Inn in the spring to turn on – and probably the end – Amy Sherman-worship of the soap -Palladino. These unexpected reunion gave birth to four mini-movies that delight the American press ( Variety, The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly are full of praise) and enthusiastic (to say the least) the faithful who watched series in the early 2000s.

A first run
Yanic Truesdale has tasted the joy overflows viewers last Friday at the Regency Bruin Theatre in Los Angeles, which hosted the first of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life.

“It was crazy! says the actor. I had never experienced something like that! There were so many people. It took me hours and a half to 2 the red carpet. Behind the barricades, people were shouting so loudly that it was hard to hear! As said another actor of the show, it seemed to be the Beatles! ”
Initially Yanic Truesdale did not intend to attend the screening of the first episode, but after staying for 5 minutes “just to see the reaction” of 800 fans who had obtained their passes, you can not go. “It was amazing to see how they were bored of the characters,” says the actor.

mystery solved

Anxious to preserve the secrecy intrigues of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life , Yanic Truesdale is stingy with comments when the time comes to discuss developments concerning his character. However, it reveals that some of the mystery surrounding Michael, this employee and longtime friend of Lorelai (Lauren Graham), which is rarely open to the other during the first seven seasons of the show, will be solved. He speaks of a “crossroads” both personal and professional for the enigmatic receptionist.
“It will be great decisions, says the actor. From my first scene, people will learn a lot. ”

Savor the moment
The 46-year-old actor, who lives in California for nearly 20 years, but returned each summer in Quebec, relishing this new wave of Gilmore Girls-mania.
“It’s a beautiful moment. It’s fun to have new episodes of quality to give fans of the show. It’s not like we had to turn something ordinary and that was about to disappoint the world. All the ingredients that have made Gilmore Girls success together. People will not be disappointed. ”

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