At the hospital, Guy Turcotte wanted to be left to die

guy-turcotte(St. Jerome) On arrival at the Hotel-Dieu Saint-Jérôme, around noon February 21, 2009, Guy Turcotte was conscious but appeared slightly intoxicated. He did not want to be treated and he said to let him die, that his life was over.

This is what Dr. Marie-Pierre Chartrand told this morning by starting his testimony at the trial of his ex-colleague Guy Turcotte. Ms. Chartrand was working in the emergency 21 February 2009. The paramedics called to prevent they arrived with an intoxicated man found in his house, which was possibly murdered her children. Seeing that was on the stretcher, Dr. Chartrand could not believe it. “I was in shock and I had a moment of denial. I thought, let’s see, this guy looks so good to Guy Turcotte. It was a colleague, a cardiologist, everybody knew the urgency, “recounted Ms. Chartrand, who finally had to face the facts.

According to his recollection, Guy Turcotte “cried and talked a lot. He was in obvious psychological distress. It was a little slow, as someone who has had a few beers. ”

Mr. Turcotte was wearing only blue pants work, no sweater. There was vomit in the mouth and blood on his hands. He would not be treated, tried to persuade the staff not to treat him. Under the code of ethics, we must disregard a desire for a suicidal person.

The presence of Guy Turcotte in the circumstances was difficult to manage emotionally, argued Dr. Chartrand, and the decision was taken to transfer him to another hospital in mid-afternoon. We were not able to give care goals. “We managed in the emergency setting, but for the mental health of staff, it was not desirable to keep it. Everyone was upset. We worked with Isabelle Gaston, some of us knew his children. ”

The cons-examination of Dr. Chartrand must take place after the morning break.

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