At the turn of the Plateau to reduce speed to 30 km / h

cette-reduction-sera-vigueur-ruesMotorists will now lift the foot off the accelerator when they transit through the local streets of the Plateau-Mont-Royal. Elected borough Monday night vote in favor of a speed reduction to 30 km / h.

The administration of Mayor Luc Ferrandez said so hope to reduce the number of accidents on its territory, occurring on average 300 per year, or nearly one a day. “It is proven that by limiting speed to 30 km / h, the number of pedestrians and cyclists involved in accidents involving motor vehicles will decrease significantly, and that their chances of survival increase by 60%,” said Luc Ferrandez.

Note, this reduction will be in effect in the local streets and not the main arteries. The limit of 30 km / h on local streets come into force in two to three weeks while stickers are to be added to the panels.

Le Plateau is not the first sector to reduce the speed in its streets. He joined the Montreal boroughs of Outremont, Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie and the Southwest. The cities of Westmount and Saint-Lambert on the South Shore, also decreased speed in their streets.

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