Attack in a cinema in Louisiana: 3 dead, 7 injured

services-urgence-ete-appeles-intervenirAn attack in a theater made three dead, including the gunman Thursday in the city of Lafayette, Louisiana.

Police Chief Jim Craft said seven other people were injured, three are in critical condition. One of the injured received his discharge from hospital in the late evening.

The Lafayette Police said in the briefing that it had the identity of the suspect who fired, but she preferred to wait before publicly revealed.

We do know that this is a white man 58 years old who took his own life after shooting into the crowd, killing at least two people. He acted only with a handgun by Sergeant David Brooks interviewed by CNN. The police do not know yet what his motives. It is known to police for offenses that go back several years.

The shooting took place in the Grand 16 Cinema in the city of Lafayette during projection of Trainwreck comedy. The actress Amy Schumer, who is the star of the film, lent its support to the people of Louisiana on Twitter.

As a preventive measure, the police ordered the closure of other cinemas in the sector. The police also searched the area to see if the shooter has left explosives behind him.

The governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, invited people to make a prayer for the victims and their families. He qualifed the “terrible” event for the municipality, the state and the entire country.

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