Attacks in Paris: more than a hundred dead, state of emergency in France

CTvAuJ-UAAA_V03Paris, war zone. A series of attacks in the explosive belt and automatic weapons killed at least 120 dead Friday night in the French capital, plunging the city again in the horror of terrorism. AFP reports that there would also over 200 injured, including 80 serious, according to a source close to the investigation. Eight attackers were killed in the attacks.

The attack of two attackers against a theater downtown, the Bataclan was particularly bloody: the police operation to release at least a hundred hostages ended when terrorists “were exploded, “police said. It regrets over a hundred deaths.

Francois Hollande denounced “an abomination committed barbaric” killing “as possible” innocent individuals.

According to several credible testimony relayed by French media, terrorists have evoked Western intervention in Syria before committing their crime.

President Hollande has declared a state of emergency for the entire territory, an unprecedented step since the war in Algeria, and the deployment of the army in Paris. “The fight will be merciless,” he has said.

The investigation that was opened will allow to know if there is even “accomplices or co-authors in nature,” said Francois Molin very early Saturday, the public prosecutor in Paris.

Six attacks

Terrorists have struck at six locations in the heart of Paris, according to Agence France-Presse (AFP), in addition to trying – the periphery – an attack against the Stade de France, where was President Hollande in the early evening.

The Associated Press said Friday that the perpetrators of the attacks would all be dead, according to the prefect of the capital of the French police.

The stages of France

At the Stade de France, suicide bombers detonated their explosive belt during a match between France and Germany attended by some 80 000 people. The match was not arrested, but the head of state was evacuated speed of the rostrum. Four people died in the area of ​​the Stade de France, which “probably three terrorists,” according to a report narrated by a source close to the investigation told AFP.


At the same time, terrorists opened fire inside the Bataclan, where an American musical group occurred before 1,500 spectators.

“I saw blood everywhere. […] They fired into the crowd. We were all lying. There were between 50 and 100 shots. The person next to me took a bullet, “said Thomas, a witness contacted by TF1. “I’ve never seen so many dead,” said Yasmine, injured her foot in the same attack.

“Two or three individuals unmasked returned with automatic weapons Kalashnikov type and started shooting blindly into the crowd,” recounted a journalist from the radio Europe 1. “The attackers had time to reload at least three times. ”

Other viewers will never see the outside of the room. The French media evoke all more than a hundred dead.

The attack with automatic weapons turned into hostage with a hundred victims sequestered inside.

The assault police “was extremely difficult: the terrorists were locked upstairs exploded and had explosive belts,” said AFP chief of the Paris police, Michel Cadot. “Three of them were blown up with their explosive belts and a fourth, also carrying a belt, was hit by police before exploding falling.” It was not possible to establish whether police officers died in the assault.

Restaurants sprayed bullets

“Nightmare” scene also in the 10th district, according to a journalist from the daily Liberation present at Le Carillon, which saw it “many dead”.

According to AFP, gunshots were also reportedly fired in the streets of Charonne, Bichat Republic and King Fontaine, as well as Voltaire and Boulevard Beaumarchais.

“I heard a noise like firecracker, I thought there was a birthday, then a second, a third, and I saw blood spurting,” said a witness to the events of King Street Fountain AFP.

The mayor of Paris on Friday urged residents of the capital to remain where they are and avoid moving in the streets. All public services will be closed tomorrow.

“Tonight is the time of pain, weeping, mourning. But Paris is standing there, “said the mayor of the city, Anne Hidalgo.

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