Australia hits the EI in Syria

appareil-fa-18a-hornet-royalThe Australian Aviation made its first strike against the organization Islamic state in Syria, destroying an armored personnel carrier jihadists, announced Wednesday the Australian Defense Minister Kevin Andrews.

“It’s part of the logical extension (of the Australian commitment) in the fight against Daesh to operate not only over the northern Iraq but also over eastern Syria to degrade and destroy the forces of Daesh “said the minister to reporters, using the Arabic acronym corresponding to the Islamic State (EI).

During the strikes which took place two days ago, a device F / A-18A Hornet from the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) destroyed an armored personnel carrier of the EI with a guided missile, said M . Andrews.

“Two of our Hornet spotted the transport of troops, which was hidden in a facility Daesh” said the minister. “After receiving authorization (hitting target), one of the Hornets used a precision guided weapon to destroy the target.”

The outputs of the Australian aviation “are conducted over Syria and Iraq, the majority of our missions are always on top of Iraq, and we make them a very regular basis,” said said Mr. Andrews.

The United States, Canada, Turkey and the Gulf states are already conducting air strikes against targets in Syria for EI.

Australia joined last year in the coalition led by the United States to combat EI in Iraq, but it extended last week its air operations in Syria, stating that the legal basis for this was the need for collective defense of Iraq against the jihadi group, which controls a large extent of territory in Iraq and Syria.

The Australian Department of Defence announced last Saturday in a statement that the Australian air force had carried out its first mission over Syria but without making any hits.

The ministry said that the devices used by the RAAF in the coalition are two F / A-18A Hornet, a tanker aircraft KC-30A and a radar watch aircraft E-7A.

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