Austria: more than 70 dead in the truck found on a highway

vehicule-lequel-ete-retrouves-entreThe body of 71 migrants, probably of syrian refugees, have been extracted from the truck abandoned on a highway in Austria, a new drama in the macabre of the immigration that has occurred while at least 76 migrants left Libya drowned in a shipwreck in the Mediterranean.

These tragedies occur at a time when Europe, more and more overwhelmed, trying to face one of its worst crises with migration for decades.

71 migrants whose bodies were found in Austria are “likely” to refugees from Syria, announced on Friday that the police, setting aside the possibility that it is African after finding papers syrians in the truck.

“But we can’t tell yet if they are all Syrians”, he added.

“Among the 71 people, there were 59 men, eight women and four children, including a girl aged one or two years and three boys aged 8, 9 or 10 years,” said the spokesman of the police, Hans Peter Doskozil, during a press conference.

The counting of 71 corpses has been made very difficult by the advanced state of decomposition of the bodies, piled up on each other.The spokesperson indicated that the time and reason of death remained to be determined, and that there was “some likelihood” that the refugees are left to suffocate.

The bodies have been transported to Vienna to be autopsied, and the results should take time.

Top ten coffins arrived on Friday at around 10 a.m. GMT (6 a.m., Montréal time), according to an AFP journalist. According to the authorities, the bodies could be buried in the State of Burgenland (east) where they were found.

The spokesperson of the police has also announced that seven people had been arrested in Hungary, including a Bulgarian of lebanese origin, who would be the owner of the vehicle.

The other two – a Bulgarian man and a bearer of Hungarian documents – are “almost certainly the drivers” of the truck, said the spokesman. He added that they were probably “small members of a gang of traffickers of human beings Bulgarian-Hungarian”.

The other four people were subsequently released.

The balance sheet is much higher than the original estimate of 20 to 50 body made after the grisly discovery Thursday morning, in a heavy weight dropped on a hard shoulder of the motorway A4, in the eastern State of Burgenland, near the Hungarian and the Slovak republic.

Fonts austrian and Hungarian have launched a joint investigation after the discovery of the truck up to 7.5 tonnes registered in Hungary and bearing the logo of a business of poultry Slovak had left Budapest on Wednesday and was left on a parking area of a highway not far from the border with Hungary, a period of approximately 24 hours under the sun, said the spokesman. A survey that was moving forward.

Far from Austria, in the Mediterranean, 76 bodies of migrants have been recovered after the wreckage Thursday of a boat, which was carrying about 300 people at large of the city of Zuwara, Libya, on Friday announced to AFP a spokesman for the Red Crescent. There were dozens of missing people.

In addition, a coast guard boat Swedish docked in Sicily Thursday evening, with 52 dead bodies of migrants recovered the day before, after a long drift.

Approaching the truck in Austria, the police officers had noticed the “fluids of decaying body” flowing from the vehicle and were assaulted by a putrid smell by opening the doors. The migrants were apparently dead for some time. Even experienced police officers appeared to be shaken up, referring to a “shocking crime”. The forensic teams worked all night to extract the body of the truck.

This new drama has been announced that chancellor Angela Merkel took part in Vienna for a summit with the leaders of the Western Balkans, who have called for an “action plan” of the EU to contain migrants.

“We’re all upset by the terrible news, said Ms. Merkel on Thursday in Vienna at the summit of the Balkans. This is a warning to start work, to solve this problem and to show solidarity”.

“Huge challenges”

The German chancellor has recognised that the countries of the Western Balkans were facing”enormous challenges”. “These are future members of the european Union, it is our responsibility to help”.

Macedonia and Serbia, two of the main crossing points of the tens of thousands of migrants trying to reach the european Union, have called on the EU to adopt a plan of action.

“We face the greatest refugee crisis since the Second world War,” said the Serbian foreign minister Ivica Dacic.

More than 300 000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean since January, and more than 2500 people died at sea after attempting to reach Europe, announced on Friday, the High commissioner of the UN for refugees (UNHCR).

The “Balkan route” from the West” is borrowed by refugees syrians or Iraqis fleeing the war, but also by Albanians, Kosovars or Serbs in search of a better life.

By bus, on foot, passing under the barbed wire or storming the trains, the scenes of chaos are on the rise in eastern Europe, as thousands of migrants moving across the continent.

Hungary, a member of the EU, is facing a record inflow to its border with Serbia, before the completion, scheduled for 31 August, the construction of the fence mesh along 175 km of the common border.

Most of the approximately 140 000 migrants who arrived in Hungary, an EU member, this year, are attempting to continue their journey through Austria to Germany or Sweden, and many have to resort to smugglers.

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