Autistic child saved from drowning by a vigilant Grandpa

ocean(Quebec) This is thanks to the vigilance of Pierre Lépine, himself grandfather of an autistic child, a young autistic six who had jumped into the water Friday to Cape Water Park Red was saved from drowning.

As shown Officer Christine Lebrasseur, the Quebec police were already looking for the child who had been missing by her parents. “A call to action was then received that a man would be fetched into the river,” she says.

The man in question was Pierre Lépine, a former teacher, swimming instructor and lifeguard. “The water park was packed and I was on the edge of the platform when I saw a boy who reach has gone to the end of the dock,” he says.

“As I am the grandfather of an autistic child, I trusted my instincts and I immediately realized what was happening. I know that young people with autism tend to want to hide, “he notes.

Mr. Lépine was not mistaken: the boy began to remove his clothes and jumped into the water to go into hiding. “People were screaming and wondered where his parents were. I went to the race and I went up on the dock as the boy tried to hide under the pontoon. I dove into the water and I took it out of the water. ”

Not once but twice

Right out of the water, the boy is, however, plunged as fast and Pierre Lépine had to return to his rescue. “This time he headed for the boat ramp. I went to look as it would have drowned, “he explains. After having drafted a second time, the rescuer and friends made sure that he does not dive for a third time and began to get dressed.

The boy was then handed over to police, who arrived at the scene after learning that the young disappeared was there, and then his mother. “His mother called me to thank me. I am glad that this story is well finished as I remembered the story of little Lucas Beaupré, six, who drowned in Lake St. Joseph in 2007, “says Mr. Lépine.

The young Lucas, who could not swim and was not wearing a lifebelt, was killed when he had parted company with his instructor at an output of a day camp in L’Ancienne-Lorette. His body was found in the water, under an inflatable accessory.

The coroner Pierre Samson concluded that the death was accidental and preventable nature and the lack of consistency in the presence of an instructor for the autistic child had contributed to the tragedy.

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