Bacon Festival will be more exhibitors

sherbrooke-mardiAt one month of opening, Bacon Festival has managed to triple the number of exhibitors who will invade the Domaine Howard, 21 and 22 May next, say the organizers of the event. In total more than 55 booths will be built on the site in honor of bacon.

Last year, the first edition of Bacon Festival aroused such enthusiasm that many exhibitors had failed products. This time, not only on promises not to miss product, but the number of exhibitors and activities will be increased accordingly.

Among these activities, the bacon of the Course is the one that makes the most talked far. The festival, which will be invited to run a distance of five kilometers, will be put in effect the equivalent of calories lost in bacon.

An evening of film screenings in the form of drive-in as well as culinary workshops by renowned chefs from the region were added to the program.

For the second year, Bob the Chef, well known for his love of bacon, act as spokesperson for the event. As part of its culinary services, it will offer festivalgoers multiple variants of this meat which has both its critics and its irreducible.

“I often say that the bacon is just our guilty pleasure, our foie gras of the poor, he said in his colorful style. For sure I will never recommend anyone to eat 11 pounds a day. But every once in a while for fun, I see no harm in that … “.

You can register by purchasing a pre-package to $ 30 including entry to the bacon to the Festival site for the whole weekend, the shirt and the official gourd, plus bacon.

A special package is also available for groups of 10 or more. Each member of a group will receive a discount-book worth $ 15, available at some exhibitors Festival.

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