Badawi folder: Trudeau will not act “too fast”

haidar-tient-portrait-epouxWhile Raif Badawi is preparing for the sad anniversary of the day he was arrested four years ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that should not be “too fast” in this case to avoid possible “negative consequences “.

Comment by Mr. Trudeau to micro Paul Arcand Thursday morning has boosted Amnesty International.

“It is certain that we, we want to help. And sometimes push too hard, too fast, it has negative consequences for the people we want to try to help, “said the Prime Minister of the host FM 98.5 questioner on the fate Mr. Badawi.

” Too fast? What is the government Trudeau cruise? Is it waiting for 10 years of imprisonment to be passed? “Has outraged Anne Sainte-Marie, Amnesty International spokesman.

“Sound” too fast, too strong “seems a bit dishonest. (A € |) It’s a bit indecent for Mr. Trudeau, “held Ms. Sainte-Marie.

The cause of jailed blogger in Saudi Arabia and sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes continues to occupy the body which, this week, called on its supporters to contact the Saudi Embassy in Canada.

Considering that since coming to power, the Liberal government has done “very little” and only offered “crumbs” Ms. Sainte-Marie claims to see a strategy or at least a calendar.

“Is he intends to make monthly meetings, every six months, every 20 years with Saudi Arabia, with Raif Badawi to the agenda? ‘Became impatient Ms. Sainte-Marie, in a telephone interview.

Also on the line, as part of a conference call on his trip to Myanmar, the Foreign Minister, Stéphane Dion, pleaded discretion in this matter.

“I can not give details that could undermine the objective – which is mine and that of the Prime Minister – that Mr. Badawi is released,” insisted Minister Dion.

The family of Mr. Badawi, based in Sherbrooke, many hoped the Liberals coming to power. While in opposition, the Dion MP had claimed that the Prime Minister of the time, Stephen Harper personally intervene with the Saudi government to free the man.

Today Minister Dion sees things differently.

“Do not do theatrics to the gallery in this kind of situation. Try to be as efficient as possible to get a result, “he said.

Friday in Sherbrooke, there will be a vigil as there was every Friday since December 2014 for the jailed blogger.

And Amnesty International raises a new target: June 17, anniversary date of the arrest of Mr. Badawi.

“We would wish, as a gift for Father’s Day for her children, Raif that can be released,” hoped Ms. Sainte-Marie.

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