Basketball: The League U19 project falls through

1172814Despite these efforts, the establishment of a Basketball League U19 in which was to evolve a CEGEP Jonquiere team fell to the water, at least for this year.

“After several difficulties with the registration of teams, we regret to announce that the league will not be maintained this year. We were hoping to be able to hold the LBQ 19U accommodating best participating teams, but eventually some of them have still decided to leave at the last minute “, said in a press release, Antony Jolec Coordinator events and LBQ Elite Basketball Quebec.

As for Gaillards Cegep de Jonquiere, training led by Philippe Hurtubise was the only team in the league north of Montreal, for projects in the clubs of Quebec and Trois-Rivières were unsuccessful. Hurtubise had selected 15 players and had even agreed to a request from the Federation of Basketball Quebec to go compete for eight games with the schedule outside the region against teams from Division 1 and 2, with the possibility of two additional games against the Quebec U17 team. Obviously, the federation had granted financial assistance to offset the additional costs of this decision.

Finally, the project will not happen, but Philippe Hurtubise believes it should be able to find two or three tournaments that could allow his team to compete against other calibers. The U19 project also included a female component which would be part Cégep de Chicoutimi. Unfortunately, the lack of players has led to drop the project for this year, even recover next year.

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