Battered women: still too little known aid resources

1096647This year, nine women were killed by a spouse. Each year, a victim of domestic violence in three women, about 19 000 women, appealed to the police, according to data grouping houses for women victims of domestic violence. And because too many women are still unfamiliar with the resources that could help them, the same organization launched on Sunday an information campaign on its services.

“It is always with great difficulty that we find that women who were killed by their spouses did not receive assistance or had not made use of our specialized resources,” said Sylvie Langlais President grouping of houses for women victims of domestic violence.

Marie-France lived seven years with her violent spouse. If it took five years to get the help of a shelter is that it does not consider himself a victim.

“At the time, I did not think it was a resource that was for me because I was not in danger,” said the woman whose voice betrayed nervousness.

Across the province, there are 109 shelters. The grouping which accounts for its share 44 shelters estimated that about 3000 the number of women who have used its services in the past year. He also answered more than 40,000 calls and that number does not decrease from year to year, says Ms. Langlais.

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