Bauxite residue attract attention

caq-francyne-tAgain, the valuation of Rio Tinto Aluminium bauxite residue has held a good position in the debate between four candidates for election in Chicoutimi on Tuesday night at Le Montagnais, but questions of sovereignty and agriculture also greatly concerned about the congregation of about 85 people.

The Saguenay Chamber of Commerce were invited to discuss the candidate whose party is represented in the National Assembly, the PQ Mireille Jean, Liberal Francyne T. Gobeil, the caquiste Hélène Girard and Pierre Dostie Québec solidaire. The entire population was invited to attend the exchanges. It was therefore in the room several students and citizens from various walks alongside business people.

The rezoning of a green area in Saguenay to allow RTA to establish another site “red mud lake” for the activities of the Vaudreuil plant at Arvida was a sensitive subject. Ms. Jean and Mr. Dostie believe the company and the government should invest in research to find a way to recycle the bauxite residue. “We may have a gold mine in the hands,” suggests the candidate. Pierre Dostie recalled that sustainable development, “environment and employment are not incompatible” and denounced the “aplaventrisme” of the city on this.

Representatives of the future Quebec Coalition and the Liberal Party for their part, expressed their commitment to concerned citizens, both workers and residents around the site.


Francyne T. Gobeil launched about sovereignty first, declaring that “vote for the PQ is a vote for a referendum.” In question period, the idea was taken up by farmers who are concerned about the dairy system collapse if Quebec becomes a country. The debate was concluded with humor by Hélène Girard, who called it “milk comes in.” The latter sparked laughter several times in the room with his figures of speech. The public does not also prevented before applauding good spread, what has happened at least once for all candidates.

The rivalry seemed greater between Ms. Jean and Ms. T. Gobeil, who often passed the buck, but all candidates were disciplined during the two-hour event.

Catherine Bouchard-Tremblay (National Option) and Alex Tyrell (Green Party) are the choice of voters on 11 April.

Priority candidates

Mireille Jean, PQ: “Economic development is essential. He must go through a local and regional cooperation. With my colleagues in the region, Alexandre Cloutier and Sylvain Gaudreault, we will fight the liberal austerity. ”

Francyne T. Gobeil, PLQ: “Economic development, job creation and wealth, this is what it takes to keep our young people in the region. ”

Helene Girard, CAQ: “The next day, I’ll redo the field to thank my constituents. Then you can rest assured that we will push the Liberal government into a corner. ”

Pierre Dostie, QS: “The City of Saguenay is about to make an important decision for the management of putrescible waste. I believe that biogas is an option that should be studied and I will be there to assist in the process. ”

What they said about …
Their plan to revive the economy

“We must first of all the housework to have healthy finances. Then we can build on our entrepreneurs. I pledge to organize meetings with them every three months to discuss the daily challenges. “- T. Francyne Gobeil

“People are the most important resource in our economy. We must support them. The implementation of a computer data center would also create jobs and position ourselves in the middle of technologies. “- Mireille Jean

“The Liberal government cut the public service and must reinvest massively in this area. We can also go to a green economy. Hydroelectric dams in the region give us an advantage for this shift in transport. “- Pierre Dostie

“The CAQ proposes the creation of a Fund to raise one billion annually over five years to help SMEs and young people to have quality jobs. “- Hélène Girard

The construction of a new bridge

All candidates agree on the need to have an accurate picture of the situation through a study. Mireille Jean emphasizes an origin-destination survey to evaluate the fluidity of the Dubuc bridge is already underway. Pierre Dostie prefer to rely on active transportation instead of a second bridge that promotes “self again solo.”

A cell block in Chicoutimi

“Yes, there must be one. All stakeholders say. The Prime Minister Philippe Couillard trivializes the distance problem between Roberval and Chicoutimi saying that videoconferencing will solve the problem. “- Mireille Jean

“It’s unfortunate to break a political decision when you always knew she was bad. “- Pierre Dostie

“All Quebec prisons are full. Is it bigger than Roberval or it is building another in Chicoutimi? We are more inclined to consider the second option. “- Hélène Girard

“The Prime Minister is listening to stakeholders and we will find solutions. We could already start with temporary accommodation in Chicoutimi. “- T. Francyne Gobeil

Business succession

“There’s just in the last budget of the planned fiscal easing. Our party of vision. “- T. Francyne Gobeil

“This measure affects only the manufacturing companies. This is an important gain, but you also help service companies, many in Chicoutimi, and give more financing tools. “- Mireille Jean

“We can do better. The government must make requests to the federal it also does its part. “- Hélène Girard

“An interesting approach would be to allow the management of the company by a worker cooperative, to go to the social economy. “- Pierre Dostie


The Association of waterfowl hunters of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean supports caquiste Hélène Girard candidate for the election in Chicoutimi as it will vote against Bill 64 on registration of firearms. “All the fighters of the district and the whole population should support the candidate who understands the uselessness of the registry, which will cost tens of millions of dollars to Quebec taxpayers,” expressed the association in a statement. Future Coalition Québec (CAQ) is the only party to allow a free vote to its members on this issue. The regional grouping has also produced a memory, available online, which is “based on facts and statistics” to show a register of firearms without restriction would be “useless, inefficient, unfair and inappropriate.” The association understands that this is a “very emotional” issue, but argued that “relying on emotions to take position does not always guarantee good choices.”

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