Beaumont: two seriously injured in ATV

lors-passage-soleil-dimanche-apres(Quebec) Alcohol may be involved in a collision between two all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) that left two seriously injured in the night from Saturday to Sunday on Highway 279, Beaumont.

According to the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), one of the two young men had fun doing 360 – commonly known as “donuts” – in the street with his car waiting for his friend to come join him moments before the accident. When he arrived, the two would then ATV collided.

The accident occurred at 4:50 before the companies Escale Garage RV and Bellechasse – at 180, rue de l’Anse – located a few meters from the exit ramp of Highway 20 west.

One of the two men would have been ejected from the ATV upon impact. They were both wearing their safety helmets. The two drivers, aged 22 and 26, were rushed to a hospital. Then feared for their lives.

Reportedly, during the arrival of first aid, at least one of the two men was conscious, but he could not answer questions ambulance.

“It seems that alcohol might be involved,” said Sun Audrey-Anne Bilodeau, spokesperson for the SQ. Blood samples of the two victims were requested. An investigator collide SQ was dispatched to determine the exact circumstances of the accident.

During the passage of the Sun, Sunday afternoon, a close friend of the two victims came to pray at the place where the collision occurred. Paint marks left on the ground by police and an oil stain was still visible on the floor.

“This is something hard. I heard the news this morning, “said the young man, preferring silence his name. I talked to one of them yesterday [Saturday] afternoon. He said he was leaving in four-wheeler for part of the day, “he says. These are not guys who are crazy. I am often with them. ”

The two men from Beaumont were not their first experience in mountain biking. One of them was driving a Banshee also a well known mountain bike enthusiasts known for its powerful engine.

“He was used to it, it’s been years that they do,” says the young man, upset by the situation. “I am not able to say if they were with friends or not. I do not know where they were coming, but there are many tracks four wheeler around. And why they were there? I have no answer … “According to the friend of the victims, we do not fear for the life of the young man of 22 years. However, the 26 year old always be based in a critical condition. The SQ has been unable late Sunday evening to confirm this information.

The two men would be at the Hospital of the Child Jesus.

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