A beautiful epic ending

grande-performanceLike many of their teammates, veterans Christopher Benoit and Alex D’Orio of Magog Cantonniers evolve in other places next season, quite possibly in the QMJHL. Benedict D’Orio and were disappointed to see that beautiful epic to end abruptly, so close to the ultimate goal.

For his part, Alex D’Orio could still see the decisive goal in overtime. “There was a lot of traffic in front of me and Mathias Laferrière fired a shot on reception I’ve ever seen. The puck hit me anyway. This has taken much and that’s what infuriates me when I think. A stop and continue to play. The wind was changing side “emphasizes the excellent keeper.

“We fought and it was not in despair. We played with confidence in all series and the chemistry between us was amazing. The Lions have never had opposition like that in their previous series. four times we lost by one goal (a 5-2 Lions but with two goals in an empty net). We deserved a better fate, “jointly stated Benoît D’Orio and have still been fine players wishing good luck to the Lac St-Louis at the Telus Cup.


Christopher Benedict was already nostalgic about the idea of ​​turning the page on its way with Cantonniers Magog. “Now that our paths diverge. There are half the team I played for five or six years. All the guys from Sherbrooke, including myself, have grown and evolved together during our minor hockey. We will now all take different paths. It’s going to be weird, “says Benedict.

“Two great years to trump D’Orio. A great organization and I can always say that Felix Potvin and Alex Carrier (goalkeeping coach) had a big influence in my career. What luck for a goalkeeper to have them both on your side. What I also liked in Magog is that we are supported even when it hurt val. ”

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